Becoming is better than being  - Carol S. Dweck

Becoming is better than being - Carol S. Dweck

Natalie Ranee was a Canadian Idol Top 60 finalist over 12 years ago, and she has persevered and remained as a successful independent artist since then. She combines evocative song writing, with powerhouse soulful vocals, mixed in with a twinge of soulful blues. With influences like Eva Cassidy and Celine Dion, her energy, talent, and story-telling ability have made her a favourite within the Ontario, Canada music scene. 

In addition to performing for a loyal fan base as part of an acoustic duo, Natalie’s original music is another step forward, crafting meaningful and emotional songs while still injecting energy into every performance. A few performance highlights over her career: 2010 Natalie’s CD release party, held in Toronto at the Gladstone Hotel; in 2011 a tour in Montreal performing at the Mariposa Café and other venues; and, in 2012 Natalie toured around the Niagara area with her guitarist Mike Fisher, performing in multiple venues and at events. 

In 2010, she was nominated for 3 Niagara Award Nominations in the categories of: Alternative, Blues and Folk. Over the years, Natalie worked with some of the finest songwriters, producers and recording studios in Ontario and upstate New York including: Bori Afolabi and JeMi productions. 

More recently Natalie has played numerous acoustic house party shows throughout Ontario and recently performed the role of Maureen in the musical RENT, held in Niagara Falls in 2015. 

Her latest album, “Life is a Song”, is just as the album title states. Natalie wrote truth behind her lyrics, of life experiences that many people will be able to relate to. Such as, the ups and downs that we go through, whether it’s heartbreak, job losses, unstable friendships or challenges in family life. Her songs carry meaning and give encouragement on how we can overcome our day-to-day struggles, learning from these experiences. Natalie recorded in her home-based, professional recording studio. The 10-track album was mixed and mastered by her Manager, Darren Staten. The songs range from alternative, acoustic soul and blues - all fused with pop influences and melodies. 

Armed with all this kind of versatility, and an ever-growing body of original material, Natalie puts on a show that never gets old, and delights the crowds.